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Sunday worship services are each Sunday morning, starting at 10:00 am

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Straight from the Heart Art Exhibit




SCUCC Statement

At this time of national crisis, we join our voices with religious leaders in Arizona and around the country to
- deplore the horrific murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and far too many others;
- support peaceful protests and affirm that black lives do indeed matter,
- expand our commitment to educating our white congregants regarding their white privilege and determine other ways we can become involved in addressing centuries of ongoing discrimination and racism, which continue to diminish, deny, and instill fear in African-Americans,
- give gratitude for the great majority of law enforcement officers who serve with integrity and honor. 


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Here at SCUCC we relish vibrant worship. Creativity is a core value with us and we weave arts and technology into worship and enjoy a variety of music. It looks and feels a bit different week to week but you can count on one thing, God shows up!
You are welcome at SCUCC - including all the unique gifts that you bring to our community, your questions and doubts, your past history and current struggles, your sexual orientation and gender identity.
We are serious about our commitment to social justice and missions, which have formed our congregation's core values and identity. We are active in supporting and advocating for the needs of people at the local, state and global level.


  1. We don’t have all the answers, but we love exploring the questions.
  2. We are passionate about our ministry to the homeless and to at-risk LGBTQ youth.
  3. We take the Bible seriously but not literally, and we also draw wisdom from ancient and modern day poets and prophets from all traditions.
  4. We don’t agree on everything.
  5. Our worship music is as big as iTunes and Spotify, and sometimes also includes hymns.
  6. We laugh a lot. We are not afraid to be silly.
  7. We have a Facebook page, and we use it!
  8. We welcome creativity in all its forms as a part of our spiritual expression.
  9. We care about the earth and we try to make mindful choices about our food and our consumption; and we know we can always do better.
  10. We love to share our stories; we inspire one another and encourage one another.