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First time to our worship service?

We’re honored that you are trying us out! We know you have many choices on a Sunday morning!


Time: Worship starts promptly at 10am, you may want to come 10-15 min
early to get settled.


Parking: we have a large parking lot on the south side of our building, and
more parking in the back!


Enter: through the main double glass doors. Greeters will meet you and
direct you into the sanctuary.


Dress: Be comfortable! Folks wear a wide variety of clothing from very
informal (shorts, t-shirts, sandals) to a little more dressy. Most of us
tend toward the shorts and t-shirt end of the fashion spectrum!


Kids: We have a staffed nursery from 9 am to 11am. Most Sundays we
also have a “Children’s Gathering” during the worship service. Kids
start out in the worship service with their parents, and then have the
option to leave with a teacher about 15-20 minutes into the service.
Kids are also welcome to stay in worship with parents if they prefer.
All our teachers and nursery caregivers are background checked.


Content: We often have 4-6 week themed series for worship. Our music
format varies from Sunday to Sunday: from lively traditional hymns
with our choral and bell choirs, to contemporary secular songs
performed by our professional musicians, to contemplative songs,
to jazz, to


Communion: We celebrate Communion every Sunday usually in the
beginning of the service. Our communion is OPEN TO ALL
regardless of membership, background, age, or even belief.
We serve both wine and grape juice, and both regular bread and gluten-free crackers.
Children are welcome. All those who are able, come forward and dip your choice
of bread into your choice of cup. If you prefer, you may remain
in your seat and the elements will be brought to you. You may also refrain from taking Communion.


After worship: We have a coffee and snack fellowship in our hall. We
hope you can stay for that so we can get to know you better and we
share more about our church and programs. We also have a 45 min.
discussion with the pastor called “Diving Deeper,” when the worship
theme is explored in greater depth, from approx. 11:30 to 12:15pm.

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