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Social Justice and Missions

We are serious about our commitment to social justice and missions which have formed our congregation's core values and identity.  We have historically been active in supporting and advocating for the needs of people at the local, state and global level.

SCUCC has a 50+ year tradition of having a strong Missions Outreach program. We have an active Missions Committee who provides the congregation with a variety of opportunities for reaching out to others.

SCUCC also works with Family Promise to provide one week's worth of food and shelter for homeless families 4 times per year.

Each November and December SCUCC adopts several families through Vista Del Camino. The generosity is overflowing, and each family receives plenty of gifts and food thanks to the generous hearts of our members.

SCUCC also supports the Justa Center by providing water and personal cleaning supplies; these can be placed in "The Box" in our narthex.  We also pay for coffee at the Center.

Our "Jesus Beyond" project allows a person to select a charity of their own choosing to donate $100 from the church's Missions fund.  There's a drawing each month during a worship service to select the person.  Frequently, the person chosen will talk during a worship service about why they chose that charity.