Know Someone Like This?
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Do You Know Someone Like This?


Could there be someone out there,
someone else,
who would be interested
in participating in an experiment
of Christian brotherhood (sisterhood? community?)
without sermons,
without recliners,
without an order of service
(without a service)
(but rather a somewhat unrefined disorder)
but that did involve:
coffeemate and biscotti?

Is there someone else
around here,
that instead of a well prepared meeting
would prefer one very unprepared,
in which you can question
and debate
and breathe a wisp of that earth
that is sometimes called the Country of God,
showing who one really is
and what hurts
and what it is one has always wanted to do,
but couldn’t
because he has been too busy
being a boring, clean-shaven believer?

Is there someone else
who would like
to say “I am going to church”
and happily walk out the door for the coffee shop
to see his friends
and listen to the one that is broken
and plan with him
a definitive strategy
to change the world?

Does someone out there exist who wants
to say “I am going to church”
and then do all of that
and return happily  to her house
(the paper napkin filled with ideas)
feeling that she has really been
in the presence of the Lord?

Is there someone who wants
a group of friends
that enjoy the friendship of God
and in which no one wants to be the boss
because amongst themselves,
deep down inside,
no one dares
to be their friend’s boss?
A group of friends that gets together sometimes not to talk
but to do
something for those who don’t have God,
or a community or country to protect them?

Could it be that there is someone else
who wants that
and who thinks that that is what it is to be
as good a Christian as anyone else
and to do church?

Someone who wants
a form of Holy Communion
that appears
simply to be
a group of people that love each other?

If you know someone
that wants that
or perhaps needs it like he or she needs water,
tell them that we are here,
that they should say hello.
Write us
to see what we are doing.

Author is a woman in Argentina
Name unknown